As we slowly roll into December, things might start ramping but, but don’t forget to continue your job search!

Many people  probably think, “oh it’s such a busy time of year, no one is going to hire” but you might actually get lucky. AOL Jobs posted an article sharing eight reasons why you should push through the job search during the holiday season.

Money to spend:
As the year comes to a close, many companies realize they have money to spend, which means a budget for new hires and extra positions. The catch? They need to fill the positions by the end of the year or the money disappears. So be proactive and ready for action.

Your competition might be taking a holiday break:
Because Holiday season is already a little intense, job seekers think it’s a good time to take a break. DON’T. If you keep pushing through, you’ll have a better chance of landing the job while your competition is taking a break.

Be prepared and get ahead:
Don’t wait until January. A lot of job seekers try to go full speed ahead come January, making it a very busy time for the careers industry, so get prepared now and you will have the upper hand in the job search.

Bonus for people, equal bonuses for you: 
Some companies give out end of the year bonuses and employees are just chafing at the bit to get them. But once that money lands in their account, some people decide to leave their job, which means job openings. Make yourself available so opportunities don’t pass you by.

Holiday Season is Vacation time:
It’s not unusual for companies to find that need help around this time of year. Many employees take time off and then there’s something that comes up, which means contract help is needed. This is your opportunity to “audition” at the company and show off your talents. If you impress them, they’re more likely to find a permanent place for you.

Quick responses: 
Recruiters and Hiring Managers always appreciate a quick turn around. But when it’s crunch time and the position needs to be filled, and if you respond quickly during the holiday season, you will stand out and give a good impression.

Networking opportunities:
The best people to network with are your close friends and family. Head to holiday parties with friends, and mingle with others, this way you have the opportunity to let others know your background and what you’re looking for. Bring your contact info or business card, everywhere you go.

Reach out to old contacts:
The Holiday season brings all kinds of cheer, so reach out to contacts you haven’t spoken to in a while or re-open a door that might bring some opportunity. The Holiday season is a great time of year to take advantage of sending greeting cards and networking with contacts.

Holiday season can be really busy, but if you stay focused on the job search, you might just land your dream job.