If you read our recent post about new age recruiting, Adecco just released their results of the first global study of Social Recruiting, which leads into how and why employers not only look at your resume but your LinkedIn to confirm skills and experience.

Employers want to make sure you’re really who you say you are and now with everything online, recruiters and employers need to research your digital footprint to confirm things line up.

Careerealism highlights four things that employers look for when comparing the two.

1. Expertise: Employers research endorsements related to the job, recommendations you’ve received, groups you’ve joined and other areas that will tell a little more about yourself. Someone with a lot of endorsements and recommendations, will be considered first so make sure you’re given credit for the skills you have and good work you’ve done.

2. People In Common: It’s a sneaky way to check references and a great way to see what kinds of relationships you have.

3. Employment: Have you actually worked at the places you claim? Here is where they really do a comparison…. Make sure everything is the same from dates of employment to titles, the resume and LinkedIn profile need to be the same.

4. Education: Employers look for where you’ve attended, degree you received, and areas of study. These need to match up with your resume. If they don’t that could be a red flag to employers.

In the age of the digital world, LinkedIn is your most helpful online tool. Before applying to any jobs, make sure your profile is updated to fit your current resume and highlight your experience and skills. It doesn’t need to be word for word, but use it as a summary of your resume and a way to introduce yourself to recruiters and potential employers.