Continuing from the last post on security while traveling, once you have arrived at your destination it’s important that you attempt to fit in and be inconspicuous. Depending on where you visit you will want to dress in a way that will not cause you to stand out. If you are traveling international this may mean not wearing a lot of jewelry, name brand clothes, or anything flashy including sports apparel. Also, please don’t place personal items on the ground. Many women I know have had purses stolen while at cafes because they set their purse on the ground. Even placing the leg of a chair through the handle of your bag doesn’t mean it won’t be stolen. 

When you are walking around it is best to be other people. Consider doing most of your sightseeing during daylight hours. My husband and I were walking in Barcelona once and witnessed a man being robbed and beat up. It was after dark, he was in an ally by himself, and he was drunk. Luckily the muggers fled when they saw us and we were able to help the man to a nearby clinic. You should also avoid protests. Even a peaceful gathering can quickly turn dangerous.

It is also recommended that you photo copy your airline tickets, passport identification pages, driver’s license, and any credit cards you have with you. Keep these copies separate from the originals so that if they are lost or stolen the replacement process will be easier. If you’re traveling with children make sure they have copies of their information, contact info of where you’re staying, and contact information for an established contact person back home. The contact person will serve as a common point of contact should you become separated and unable to reach each other locally.

If you rent a car, you should try to continue to be inconspicuous. Stick to conservative automobiles. While driving, and when you use taxi cabs, you should keep your doors locked and try to keep windows closed in populated areas. This will help deter possible thieves or carjackers from trying to enter your vehicle.

Overall you just really need to be aware of your surroundings. It’s a great idea to check with the State Department if you travel internationally, they will always have the must up-to-date travel advisories. And please be a courteous world citizen when traveling whether domestically or internationally, you are visiting someone else’s home. Exercise respect and discretion at all times.