The competition is high in the job market so standing out from the crowd can take some skill. Luckily, recruiters have revealed some key factors that can improve your odds of landing an interview.

Improve your odds of landing an interview

Job website, Glassdoor, went straight to the source, hiring managers and recruiters, to determine what makes candidates stand out. Here are a few tips and tricks shared by over a dozen HR professionals that make candidates more appealing. For the full run down of the factors that can improve your odds of landing an interview, visit Glassdoor’s article.

Highlight Transferable Skills: Research the position and company as much as you can. The more knowledge you have about a position will help determine what roles are most suitable for your skills and experience. “Focus on the knowledge and experience that you have that would be ideal in any role and could be transferrable no matter the industry – then highlight those skills in your résumé. —Chad Melvin, Vice President of Leadership, Learning and Development at Aflac. This will also help you be more prepared to discuss how the skills will fit into the position, if you have the opportunity to interview.

Always Update Your Resume: Whether you’re an active job seeker or not, keeping a your resume up-to-date will save time in the long run. “Take a look at your resume every two to three months and provide updates to your experience, skills and keywords. It’s easier to do this in real-time instead of thinking back on all the things you’ve accomplished over the past five years!” —Julie Cox, Sourcing Manager of Talent Acquisition at AECOM.

Take a Look Behind the Scenes: Research the company on social media networks to get a sense of what the company culture is like. Many times, companies will showcase their culture through social networks before putting it on their company site. “At The Washington Post, we showcase our culture and employees on our @WashPostLife handle on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It gives a candidate a sense on whether or not they’d enjoy working with us.” —Austin Graff, Talent Acquisition & Branding Specialist at The Washington Post

Tailor Your Application Materials: Tailoring a resume to a specific company can make all the difference. It not only shows you have taken the time to research the company but showcases how you could fit into the position in question. “When researching our company, it would be good for candidates to go to the ‘About’ section on our website at to learn a little about what we do, as this could trigger other relevant experience that the candidate may want to add to their resume, cover letter, or note in the application. This could make a difference in being selected for the next step in the process.” —Dionna Smith, Recruiter at TSYS

Apply to the Right Roles: Ensure you read the whole job description. No one likes rejection, but if you don’t full understand what goes into the position, your skills might not fit as well as you think from reading just the job title. “Take the time to read beyond the job title and understand the role you are applying for. I can’t tell you how many times we have had candidates apply for jobs where their skills don’t align with the role whatsoever. I understand there are candidates who are interested in a career change so if that is you, take the time to rework your resume to speak to the job you are applying for.” —Josie Sandlin, TA Manager at Nutrabolt

Demonstrate Your Passion: Highlight your passion and interest in the position in question. “Reviewing our website, watching our videos, viewing our social channels and talking with our employees can help provide a more realistic outlook of what it’s like to work here. We want them to have an understanding of who we are, what we do and what we value…..Every candidate who applies should be as passionate, driven and dedicated to our company as we are about them.” Courtney Jorgensen, Director of Talent Acquisition at Echo Global Logistics

Get the Scoop From Current Employees: Visiting a store or reaching out to current employees give you an inside look at what a company is like. This not only shows your interest in the company but it gives you a behind the scenes look at what to expect. “Before applying to Famous Footwear, we’d love for candidates to come visit us at one of our more than 1,000 stores to experience the environment first-hand in addition to checking out our career site and our Glassdoor profile. Candidates who do these things have a realistic view of the job and working environment and have opportunities to hear directly from our associates.”  Marci Sigmund, Director Talent Acquisition at Famous Footwear