The tech industry is growing rapidly and it’s dominance in the economy offers a lot of opportunity for job seekers. It’s also impacted American businesses tremendously and has changed they way a lot of work gets done. The Department of Labor projects an increase of 22% in all tech jobs by 2020, which means there are plenty of roads to take when it comes to the industry.


The Techhire Initiative, is great way to show the tech job demand. Techhire is a multi-sector initiative and call to action to empower Americans to train and receive assistance for technical skills because employers across the country are in dire need of of talent with these skills. The initiative aims to grant $100 million in grants to provide training and other assistance, including nontraditional approaches like “coding boot camps, to rapidly train workers for the field.

It’s clear that tech jobs are in high demand and with that comes growth so here are some tech jobs that have seen rapid growth over the last year and will continue to have a promising future.

Data Scientist
85% Growth
Average Salary: $107,000

Dev Ops
81% Growth
Average Salary: $62,000

Site Reliability Engineer
57% Growth
Average Salary: $92,000

17% Growth
Average Salary: $60,000

Network Engineer
16% Growth
Average Salary: $70,000