Transitioning from military to civilian life can be tough and finding a job can be even more daunting but there are more and more fields that are welcoming veterans with open arms. Flexible jobs are a great way to ease back into civilian work and obtain a greater work-life balance for military veterans.

Flexible Veteran Friendly Jobs

FlexJobs recently released a list of career paths that offer a great work and life balance for military veterans. From Customer Service to IT, there are plenty of areas offering flexible veteran friendly jobs.

IT: Information Technology careers offer some great flexible positions. From part-time schedules to telecommuting and freelance gigs, IT positions can be found in house or with consulting firms. Working in various areas including computer security and technical support, these roles require computer training and certifications in some instances.

Human Resources: This line of work offers part-time schedules as well as, telecommuting, contracting, and temporary roles. If helping others is you’re thing, human resource positions like staffing managers, recruitment representatives, HR assistants and coordinators, and benefits administrators assist with career development, hiring candidates, and job placement.

Customer Service: Customer Service is a must for most companies, and while it might be a person or a department, the professionals need communication skills as well as problem solving skills. Flexible positions include part-time, freelance, telecommuting, and temporary roles that come in direct contact with customers. If you’re a people person who loves to provide support and assist others, customer service positions like support specialists, service assistants, and customer service reps are great flexible jobs.

Sales: Sales professionals need to be passionate about the products or services they sell, so it’s only natural that it’s a growing field for military veterans. These individuals are needed in many industries and with many employers seeking candidates with specialization, it’s a great area for military veterans to pursue. Positions include sales execs and representatives, sales support, and merchandising mangers with flexible schedules including part-time, telecommuting, and temporary opportunities.

Marketing: Marketing professionals posses a lot of skills learned in the military, from media skills to customer service, these individuals promote and educate the public about certain things. Flexible marketing positions include marketing coordinators, analysts, and managers, development  coordinators and directors, as well as product development and outreach specialists. Schedules include, seasonal, temporary, part-time, telecommuting, and freelance.

Accounting and Finance: People who love numbers can find happiness in Accounting and Finance fields. These flexible positions include accounts payable, accountants, tax professionals, and financial analysts who are responsible for handling and managing financial data. Often being a customer facing role, these professionals use customer service skills as well as time management skills. Flexible positions include freelance, temporary, telecommuting, and part-time schedules.

Business Development: These positions require sales and marketing skills as well as customer service and the ability to strategize. Professionals in business development focus on developing and retaining client rapports. Some of the flexible positions include business development coordinators and directors, account managers and directors, as well as business partners with schedules like telecommuting, freelance, temporary and part-time gigs.

Research and Development: These professional gather info and apply it to develop products and services based on those findings. Many of the positions offer flexible options like freelance, part-time, and telecommuting schedules and include titles like market researcher, science analysts, and research specialists.