Identity theft, security breaches at retailers, banks and others. How can you protect your personal digital information?  It is more important than ever to understand how to protect your personal digital information from hackers.

Ryan Galloway, a writer at Forbes has a few simple precautions that may help us all protect ourselves on the net.

Passwords, passwords, passwords. First and foremost understand that when you register on a new website or account and create a new password, you must be sure that it is difficult for a hacker to find. Far too many people use three or four passwords for all o their accounts. It is difficult to remember all of your passwords, but there apps available that will do it for you. Use them!

Do not respond to the standard reset questions that many firms ask. Your mother’s maiden name, the street you grew up on and your high school mascot are readily available on the internet. Change it up and add a pin to each of them with a series of numbers you will remember which makes it harder for a hacker to reset your passwords to something they can use to hijack your accounts and data.

The good news is major internet forms are working on new systems that are personal to you that may change the very nature of how we protect our data.

For more information, see Ryan’s article at Forbes

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