Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families  is offering free training in Property Management. Tom Cal, an Investment Manager and Analyst recently offered insights and advice regarding the program and potential for Property Management Managers.

* IVMF’s VCTP Syracuse offers 100% free (no GI Bill required) certification training with professional phone-based academic counseling to post 9/11 Veterans and spouses. This is information all Veterans and advisors to Veterans should know about. Spread the word, and please encourage other organizations, even those organizations that “compete” with VCTP Syracuse and IVMF for funding, to also spread the word. IVMF and VCTP Syracuse is one of the single best programs for Veterans.


* The certifications you may choose to earn depend on your goals. You may choose not to earn a certification, but that should be a proactive choice. Almost every industry has a certification that is worth considering and researching, and potentially earning.

* One way to gauge the relevance and value of a certification is to know how often the certification appears in job listings on job aggregation sites such as


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Tom Cal Investment Manager and Analyst, CFA

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