Transitioning military members have three choices when they transition out. They may pursue educational programs utilizing their VA benefits or the Vocational Rehab program for veterans with disabilities, they can establish a business, either a franchise or another business or they can look for a new career or position.

Military Transition Advisors (a division of The Value Of a Veteran) leverages all of the amazing contacts we have at corporations, government agencies, higher education institutions and franchise systems, plus career coaches, business coaches, franchise coaches, networking experts, resume writers and more (whew!) to bring you information and advice that will prepare you for life after the military in the areas of Employment, Education and/or Entrepreneurship.

This advice comes in the form of FREE live webinars delivered by these experts. Get great advice and ask the experts your questions!

Check out a few of the sessions scheduled for May:

Wed, May 8th: Franchise Boot Camp (Is Franchising the Right Small
Business Option For You?)

Wed, May 15th: Out of Uniform: Preparing for a Successful Transition

Thu, May 16th: Advice from the Small Business Trenches: What to Think About When Considering Entrepreneurship

Fri, May 24th: How to Tailor Your Military Resume to the Job Vacancy Announcement

To register for any of these FREE sessions and see session dates/times, please go to

We add new topics weekly, so check back often to see what sessions are being offered! We will have employers doing sessions about the types of jobs they have for military at their companies and how/when to apply for them and sessions on networking to find a job coming on line soon!

Military Transition Advisors

Lisa Rosser, developer of is to my mind, the definitive expert on the true value that veterans can bring to the workforce.  Her programs of training for recruitment, and retention of veterans are of the highest caliber.

Go to to view our job openings and join our LinkedIn group, Veterans Hiring Solutions for Veterans and Companies at If you have specific questions about issues affecting you, your benefits, your dependents etc., feel free to send them to me personally at [email protected], and I will try to help you. If you have questions about compensation and disability benefits or VA health care benefits, ask the First Sergeant at [email protected].