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VA Disability ratings are a mystery to many veterans and, even though the VA has a

curious way of determining combined ratings, you must first understand the system itself.

The VA Service-Connected Disability rating system is complex.

There are many reasons for this, but there is one aspect that is somewhat confusing that

requires explanation. The math that the VA uses in determining a final service-connected

disability rating awarded to veterans. This rating is used to determine compensation

payments and access other benefits. It is important that you understand how your rating is

determined so you can make sure your benefits are calculated properly.

The first thing to understand is what your disability rating represents. In short,

the VA takes each individual injury or illness into consideration and gives it a

numerical disability rating. Each rating is represented by a percentage divisible

by 10 (ex: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, etc.). These disabilities are racked and stacked,

then the VA does “VA Math” to determine your overall disability rate.

In order to understand how multiple disabilities can be totaled for your disability

compensation, review the article by Ryan Guia at

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