What makes the best leaders? Think back on your past jobs and dig into what made you like your bosses? Who were your favorite and why? What made them a good person to work for? After doing some soul searching, you might have a better idea of what qualities make good leaders.

Here are a few qualities that every good leader should possess.

happy employees 1. Look Out For Others: Being in charge comes with a lot of responsibilities and the employees have responsibilities to you as well. They are required to get work done with the help of their boss. This is where you come in and confirm they aren’t distracted and they have the resources needed to get the job done.

Take the initiative to get everything together so your employees feel comfortable and in return, they will work harder for you because you have their backs.

2. Stand Up For Your Rights: Respect is an important thing and it’s one that is earned. While it’s not always easy to stand up for what is right, you will gain respect and earn trust from employees by doing so.

3. Provide Feedback: It’s important for employees to understand how they’re doing and if they are doing a good job.

Talk to employees about things they might need help with. Don’t just tell them how to do it, show them. Taking the time to talk with employees will also earn you respect. It shows you’re interested in helping to better themselves

4. Communication is Key: Employees want to know they can go to someone in charge and feel comfortable talking to them as well as understand their situation. Open lines of communication create an open and honest environment as well as trust and teamwork. So take time to listen to what employees have to say. Once they feel comfortable going to you, you can talk to them honestly too.

5. Don’t Look Over Their Shoulder: One thing that drives employees nuts is when a boss watches their every move. Training them is one thing but constantly checking in can aggravate employees. Give them the freedom to get the job done and in return you will have happy employees that (usually) do the job right. Not standing over their shoulder will instill trust.

6. Lead By Example: If you want employees to have certain qualities, you have to lead by example. You can’t expect them to stay late or be punctual if you aren’t doing the same. Show them you’re willing to work hard, and they will in turn, work hard too.

7. Being Fair: Being fair can be difficult but it’s a honorable trait that many employees love. If you are fair, employees will respect you more.

8. Have Some Compassion: If someone comes to you with a problem, take time to hear them out and help them solve it. Life happens and sometimes all employees need is a helping hand or ear.

Put yourself in their shoes so you have a chance to understand what they might be going through.

9. Be Passionate: If you show employees that your passionate about your work and the company, they will pick up on it. If you show that what you and your team are doing is valuable, they will feel positive about their work situation and perform better.

10. Positive Attitude: You want to keep the energy levels up, so keep your team motivated and on the right track with a positive attitude. If you have a happy team, chances are they will be more willing to go the extra mile for you. Positive vibes go a long way.

These are some of the qualities that employees love in great leaders. If you demonstrate good leadership qualities, people will want to work for you and be happy to work with you. The better leader you are the better your employees will want to perform.