Are you environmentally friendly? Do you love Earth Day? Environmental Science careers are a great option for Earth lovers and there are some jobs that are pretty interesting. Check out these environmentally friendly careers and see if one is right for you!

Environmental Science Careers

Oceanographers love water. These professionals dive into a number of things including cleanliness of water and eroding coastlines. This is a great field to specialize in. If you’re interested in ocean animals, check out a biological oceanographer, if you’re more interested in the geography of the ocean, a physical oceanographer might be the way to go. If you enjoy being in the field, this is a career for you. While there is a lot of research that goes into being an Oceanographer, working in the field is must for these professionals.

If you love to write and love the Earth, becoming an Environmental Writer might be your dream job. Having a scientific degree will catch a recruiter’s eye more but it’s not required to become a writer. It is however, an added bonus to be knowledgable about the field. As an environmental writer, you inform others about our environment and help people understand the topic.

Love fossils? Look into being a Paleontologist. There are a lot of great options for the field that keep people interested. The main area of concentration is the research and study of fossils, but there are other areas in the field as well. Many Paleontologists go on to teach as well as share research on findings.

Animal lovers, this is the career for you! Zoologists research and study animals, among many other things. These professionals have the chance to get up close and personal with animals while studying behaviors, researching cures, and monitoring other areas of the animals. Job duties include research, analyzing, developing plans, presenting findings and other related tasks. If you want to work with animals, this is a great field to get into.

You’ve got the whole wide world in your hands, if you want to be a Geographer! There are many options to Earth studies, for example, urban and environmental planning, so take time to figure out the oath you want to take in this field. While this field allows for a lot of freedom, it might be in your best interest to pair it with something else, so you can be more specialized in the field.