Each holiday season, thousands of employers ramp up their employee count for seasonal hiring.

The holidays bring lots of cheer but also a lot more work and for employers and potential employees, it’s good to know how to approach seasonal hiring.

Employers: post, network, and post some more. You can’t hire seasonal help, if people don’t know you’re hiring. Spread the word, post to job boards, and post to social media sites.

“Depending on the position, obviously, the best thing is posting,” said Angel Diaz, director of recruiting for Kavaliro. “Take advantage of social media. I’ve seen companies use Craigslist, Facebook, LinkedIn, even the CareerBuilders and Monsters [of the world].”

Being upfront about the position will save you and the potential employee a lot of heart ache. Some job seekers are just looking for a seasonal job for added income while others want to know whether they will last after holiday season is over. Just be upfront and honest about the position.

When recruiting, forget that the position is temporary, go about normal business practices to hire the right candidates.

When it comes to job seekers during the holiday season, stay aware of jobs. The end of the year is a great time to find jobs, whether it be seasonal or permanent that you are looking for, stay focused on the prize. If the company allows for it or you prove to them that you have what it takes to be a team member, a seasonal job might turn into something more permanent. So show off your skills, impress them with your determination and drive, and remember to treat it like it’s a full-time, permanent job. You never know what might come of seasonal employment.