The healthcare field is booming and there are plenty of areas to choose from. If you are interested in joining the healthcare field but can’t afford years of schooling, there are some healthcare careers that require less schooling.

Healthcare Careers That Require Less Schooling

Athletic Training: As long as there are people playing sports and wanting to get into shape, there will be a need for the sports medicine field. While this field isn’t intensive healthcare, the need for these type of professionals will continue to grow. From rehabilitation efforts to helping people get into physical shape, athletic trainers help people better themselves. The schooling is minimal in comparison to other areas of medicine, but athletic trainers must earn a degree from an accredited athletic training program and pass the exam administered by the Board of Certification (BOC).

Medical Coding: Billing, coding and data entry are absolute musts in the medical industry. While these professionals don’t directly interact or diagnose patients, there is a need for people who are proficient in these skills. Getting the proper training not only helps the employee, but helps the companies, like hospitals and insurance companies, that are being handled. There are certain certifications required for this field but there are institutions that have programs dedicated to this type of career. 

Dental Hygienist: It’s safe to say this field isn’t going anywhere. People will always need their teeth taken care of and these professionals are the ones in charge of doing so. It might not be as fast paced as other medial areas, but dental hygienists often have great hours, job security, and a relatively stress free work environment. Schooling is usually between two to four years and is offered through many community colleges. 

Massage Therapist: This is a career where people love to come see you. While many don’t classify message therapists as “medical,” these individuals work out muscle aches, tend to alignment issues, relieve painful areas in the body, and can also alleviate stress in clients. There are a few steps that need to be taken to receive a massage therapist license and while the schooling takes up far less time and money than other medical fields, massage therapists help improve the quality of life. 

There are many things to consider when thinking about the medical field. By researching how much schooling it takes for medical careers you’re interested in, you’ll discover a career path that’s right for you and your lifestyle.