Helping Citizens on SSDI/SSI Disability Find Employment Since 1993

Helping Citizens on SSDI/SSI Disability Find Employment Since 1993

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Employment Options, Inc. has been helping people with disabilities with their employment goals since 1993.On a daily basis, they are an authorized Employment Network (EN) in a free federal Social Security ‘return to work’ program called Ticket to Work. They have been a part of this federal program since it began in the early 2000’s.

Ticket To Work is a federal FREE program created to help those citizens who receive SSDI or SSI disability (ages 18-64), return to the workforce again and find suitable employment with the help of an authorized professional agency. It is a ‘gradual’ program that allows recipients of SSDI or SSI to ‘test the waters’ of working again and has built in protection for disability benefits and healthcare.

Employment Options is unique in that they specialize in Work At Home for those on SSDI or SSI, but they also offer Onsite community job placement in the 47 states they serve.

They partner with leading companies who love to hire their loyal and hard working clients. Work At Home employment can often open doors for many people with disabilities, who may not be able to work outside their home because of an injury or illness.

Free Services Offered: In addition to finding suitable job leads, they also provide their clients with an array of free services including: resume and interview help, application assistance, accommodation help, career advancement, moral support, and more. Employment Options also has a CWIC (Certified Work Incentives Counselor) on staff who is available for free to guide clients as they navigate the program stages and help answer benefit questions.

Many of Employment Options’ own staff are participants in the Ticket to Work Program personally and they can relate to their clients from their own journey.

Veterans: Employment Options assists our nation’s veterans as well who receive SSDI or SSI. They are connected to many resources to help veterans in reaching their employment goals.

Free Online Events: Employment Options also hosts free public Online Job Fairs and Webinars throughout the year, which is another free service to their clients.

Employers can also benefit from their free services. They pre-screen all applicants for employers and also companies who hire their clients can obtain the WOTC tax credit.

How To Apply or Learn More: Job Seekers on SSDI or SSI can submit an online application. Questions for Employment Options? Call 800-441-3114 ext. 0 or email [email protected].

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