There’s no doubt the technology field is a solid environment to get into. As the average for tech salaries continue to increase, the competition for tech talent is high.

According to technology career site,, last year the U.S saw the biggest year-over-year jump. Of data collected, 62% of professionals earned higher salaries in 2015.

“The competition for tech talent today is undeniable. Demand for skilled talent and low unemployment rates for tech professionals aren’t making the hiring landscape any easier. Employers realize offering competitive pay is a necessity,” said Bob Melk, President of Dice. “What’s promising is the tech industry recognizes the need to fill open seats as well as to reward tech talent for their hard work.”

Finding tech jobs is the easy part, but staying on top of the desirable skills is a little harder. To determine which skills are in demand, Dice surveyed over 16,000 IT professionals. If you’re looking to get into the tech industry, having these tech skills will help increase your chances of a high paying salary.

  • HANA database with an average salary of $154,749
  • Cassandra database with an average salary of $147,811
  • Cloudera could system with an average salary of $142,835
  • PaaS cloud system with an average salary of $140,894
  • OpenStack cloud system with an average salary of $138,579
  • CloudStack cloud system with an average salary of $138,095
  • Chef programming language with an average salary of $136,850
  • Pig programming language with an average salary of $132,850
  • MapReduce programming framework with an average salary of $131,563
  • Puppet programming language is worth an average salary of $131,121