Hiring a veteran makes so much sense. These professionals have all the qualified skills, training, education, and leadership but there is a disconnect with hiring managers.

According to armytimes.com, post 9/11 vet unemployment jumped to 9.2 percent, matching the highest monthly record this year. As a  whole, there are over 600,000 veterans who are unemployed.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the unemployment rate for the country was at 6.2 percent as the nation added over 200,000 jobs in July. What does that say about out vets? There’s a disconnect with HR managers and these professionals, and it goes both ways. HR managers don’t know how to recruit veterans while veterans transition into civilian life without being prepared for those companies.

Military personnel make up more than $130 billion dollars in investment, including training, education, and skill building. Hiring these professionals could be the best decision a company makes.

photo cred: https://hr.blr.com

Challenges include:
Reading the resume:
HR managers don’t understand military jargon. What does being an E-6 mean? Did a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force hold more management responsibility than a Major in the Army? – Veterans, translate these skills into civilian terms so hiring managers can understand what skills you have.

Can’t sell themselves: Military personnel are trained to focus on the team, not themselves, so self promoting can be difficult. In the military it is often frowned upon to focus on one’s self. Hiring managers can get frustrated with that approach.

Skills that aren’t transferable: It can be difficult to understand skills and translate them into a civilian job.

Veterans need to prepare themselves for civilian life. After years of service, these individuals might only have a week or two to transition into civilian life that’s why it’s important to understand what skills he/she  can bring to the table and translate them into a hard-hitting, powerful resume. Veterans need to articulate the value of their position so hiring managers understand what an asset they will be to the company.

Problem solving, loyalty, adaptability, trainability and team work are just some of the reason hiring managers should consider hiring a veteran. It really could be the best business move you make.