Free Military Burial with Honors for Veterans


One of the benefits often overlooked by military veterans and their families is the free burial benefit for U.S. military veterans. The loss of a family member is tragic and often overwhelming to the family. The availability of the free burial benefit may be a source of consolation for surviving family members.

Funeral costs can range from $5,000 on up and are often, not only expensive but taxing on the mentality of the survivors during an already trying time. The use of the military burial benefit can save the family a great deal of money which they may or may not have. More importantly, it sends the veteran off in style with a military burial.

Those who served in the military and were under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible for military burial. It is important that you, as the veteran, let your family know your wishes to be buried by the military.

There are a number of documents that are required, however; they are easy enough to get from the military. A local funeral home can contact the military and help you arrange the necessary steps.

For more details see Ryan Guia’s article at MilitayWallet.Com.

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