As we enter 2015, job seekers are probably wondering where to start? Making New Years resolutions of finding the career of their dreams or going after a better paying job. Well Adecco released a list of industries that plan to increase in 2015.

Marketing: According to a recent article from AOL, the need for marketing executives is steadily increasing, which in turn could create a higher demand for marketing analytic roles. There is also a high demand for mobile marketing as more and more mobile devices are released and more people spend time on their devices. Large companies are also seeking content and social media marketing as well as people who can work with web anatlyics. As the world becomes increasingly more technology based, these jobs will continue to flourish.

Technology: Software development specialists will continue to be in demand as tech jobs become more popular. Technology is constantly changing, creating more jobs in most companies and industries. With that said, tech jobs will remain a constant source or employment and as more data and content is added, it’s likely that more jobs organizing information will surface. Tech jobs are highly desirable and a major job market trend for 2015.

Healthcare: There is always a constant need for jobs in healthcare and the industry continues to see a rise in different areas, including Physician’s Assistants and other admin roles. Physical therapists and aides as well as medical scientists are also increasing. The increase will continue as the aging of baby boomers increase, which in turn will create more jobs for personal care aides and home health care.

Labor Industries: Data suggests there will be a growing number of jobs for helper services including brick masons, tile and marble setters, electricians and mechanics.

Most industries seeing an increase in employment, are seeking assistant and entry level supporting roles. Job seekers hoping to start the new year out with a new career move should consider an industry with a high demand even if it differs from their background as it could open up new opportunities for the future.