Freelancer Setup II

LinkedIn has become the preeminent search tool for Hiring Manages and recruiters. It is estimated that nearly 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn.  The issue is how to create a LinkedIn profile that is a powerful impression about you?

First, and most important, do not just post your resume as your profile. If you do, few recruiters will take the time to read “another” resume. You need to create a professional image and take advantage of the tools that your profile has available to make a strong impact on anyone viewing your resume.

Laura Shin, of Forbes magazine, suggests that you start with your picture, name and a professional headline as they make the first impression on the viewer. Use a professional photo that shows you in a professional light. No photo may lead viewers to believe you are hiding something.

Your headline can be a maximum of 120 characters. Don’t just put in your name and job title. Think it through carefully and showcase what you do and brand yourself accordingly keeping in mind that you must keep your profile in the same professional vein as your resume.

The summary section allows you 2,000 words. This section must be well though out and organized as it is the section where the LinkedIn algorithm searches for keywords and phrases that a recruiter may use to find qualified applicants. Put words that match the types of jobs or industry that you are trying to find.  Do not be afraid to add media to this section as well if it is an important part of what you do.

Other sections of importance are your experience, recommendations, endorsements,Connections, contact information, a customized URL and your LinkedIn updates.

For a more detailed description of the use of these sections, see Laura Shin’s post in Forbes.

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