First impressions are a crucial part of the hiring process. While your skills, background, and work experience are important, 90% of recruiting is now done through social media so your profile picture is often the first thing recruiters notice. With that being said, you want to make sure your profile picture makes the best first impression possible.

AvidCareerist collaborated with Photofeeler, a startup that conducts research on profile pictures, to give readers an infographic with “research-proven priorities for making your profile picture killer effective.” The infographic outlines how to get the best possible impression and what you should avoid.

A few things to remember for an effective professional profile picture:

  • Don’t obstruct your eyes, it can decrease likability
  • Smile with your teeth showing, it boosts your chances
  • Dress formally, you’re perceived more competent and influential
  • Hire a professional photographer if possible, if you can’t, make it a good, clear shot

You have about 6 seconds to impress on LinkedIn, and 19% of that time, they are looking at a profile picture. So make your picture count!

As more recruiters flock to social media to find candidates, profile pictures and social media bios are becoming more important to land that dream job. LinkedIn still comes in first with almost 94% using the platform so make sure you look the part. This is the invitation into who you are.

Most Effective Profile Pictures(inforgraphic via AvidCareerist)