The best time to look for a job is while you are still employed. You have time and the security of a paycheck on your side. You can refuse positions that are not a good fit and seek those that meet your career goals without being “in a hurry” and taking any job offer that comes along.

There are some fundamental things to remember when you are job hunting while still employed according to James McWhinney of Investopedia.

  • Silence is golden at work. Do not tell anyone in your current workplace that you are looking for a job. If management finds out, it may become uncomfortable or you may be terminated.
  • Tell everyone else. Tell everyone in your network, friends and family included, that you are in the market for a new career. You never know who has that perfect contact.
  • Stay current on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile and picture are current on LinkedIn. Over 70% of Hiring Managers recruit their prospective employees through LinkedIn.
  • Put other technology tools to work. There are job sites and job apps available that may be able to help you in your career search. Take advantage of them.
  • Maintain a low profile. Do not do your job search from work and schedule interviews during non-work time.
  • Keep working. Even if you are uncomfortable, keep working until you find that new position. It is easier to search from a position of comfort than one of desperation.
  • Learn from the search. As you search, you will find where your value is in the marketplace and more effectively communicate it to potential employers.

For more details see James’ article at Investopedia.

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