The holidays are almost here, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off.  Make the most of these last few months and get ready for the new year.

Kevin Daum recently wrote, “Make the Rest of 2013 More Successful” providing his keys to success:

  • Go Lean and Mean
  • Take Stock
  • Add Structure
  • Make a Deal
  • Enlist Partners

These are great steps to follow, but I want to add one more of my own:

Prepare for your Performance Review

If you haven’t been keeping track of your accomplishments this year, get started on it right away.  You will want to align your successes with each of your annual objectives.  This will ensure that you have met all of your goals and then you can “take stock” and “add structure” like Daum says above.

Depending upon when your performance review is and how much time goes past, you may not remember everything.  So schedule some time to review your projects and their outcomes.

Tip:  If you can’t remember what you have accomplished so far this year, try going back through your calendar to jog your memory.