The tech industry continues to boom in 2017 with a variety of positions in high demand.

Analytics Manager, one of the IT jobs with the hottest outlook In 2017

Over the last few years, the tech industry has been on the rise and continues to grow faster than other occupations. As we recently mentioned in our blog post, America’s Best Jobs Highlight Tech Positionsthere are plenty of IT jobs that are expected to see a significant growth rate over the next 10 years and that means more companies will be looking for IT professionals with advanced skills.

Tim Herbert, senior vice president of research and market intelligence at CompTIA, believes this year more than ever, IT professionals will have to highlight soft skills as more projects are beginning to overlap with other departments. Because of these overlaps, IT professionals will not only have to stay up to date on new technologies but soft skills like communication, project management skills, and presentation skills will become increasingly more in-demand.

While the industry is booming there are some positions that stand out from the crowd as more companies look to hire IT professionals that can tackle certain areas of the industry. Discover which IT Jobs have the hottest outlook in 2017.

Data Scientist – Ranked first on Glassdoor’s list of best jobs in America, data scientists will continue to be a hot commodity. Because large amounts of data is the norm in a company, these individuals are needed to interpret and analyze what it all means.

Entry-Level Engineer – This is a position that many job seekers are interested in. Because there are variety of fields that an entry level engineer can fit into, these individuals have the world at their fingertips if they have the right skills.

UX Designer – Because customer experience is so important, these individuals will continue to be in high demand. With a median base salary of $91,800, UX designers are ranked high in America’s best jobs due to overall job satisfaction and projected growth rate.

Quality Assurance Manager – These individuals are responsible for all products and/or services meet the established standards of a company. With a median base salary $85,000 QA Managers are ranked high in America’s best jobs.

Analytics Manager – With a median base salary of $105, 000, these individuals must be able to measure performance, financial risks, and customer experience while motivating others to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Salesforce Developer –  “Companies increasingly need someone to have experience with different platforms, and allowing various products and apps to connect with them,” Herbert said. As more companies realize this need, these professionals will be in high demand.

Security Analyst – Because of the constant dangers of data breaches, these individuals are in very high demand. Larger companies are especially are committed to hiring individuals with a cybersecurity background.

Full Stack Developer – Because these professionals know the ins and outs of both front and back end development, companies will increasingly look to hire in this field. With an average salary of $110,773 Full Stack Developers are proficient with languages like C++, Ruby, or JavaScript and have the expertise to make beautiful, functional, user-intuitive front-end applications. “As software now affects all areas of business, and there are expectations to provide great customer experience and interfaces, it’s critical for companies to understand how everything works up and down the stack,” Herbert said.

Solutions Architect – With a median base salary of $119,500, Solution Architects translates requirements created by functional analysts into the architecture for that solution and describing it through architecture and design artifacts.

Machine Learning Engineer – With the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence continuing to increase across various industries, these individuals will only become more desired.