Your resume landed you the interview and now it’s time to really shine. Interviewers are listening to every word you say, good or bad, and there are certain words and phrases that could cost you the job.

Job Interview Buzz Words

Ultimately, a job interview comes down to how good of a first impression you make. Between your appearance and the way you present yourself, words can carry a lot of weight and can be a contributing factor to whether you land or lose the job. To be successful in your interview, below are some job interview buzz words to avoid.

Perfectionist: This is one of those words that is overused and meaningless to so many interviewers. The “I’m a perfectionist” phrase is usually a way to distract from the ever so daunting question of “tell me about your weaknesses.” Steer clear of this buzz word and add some value to getting things done right.

Obsessed: This term can come off as very intense or even compulsive so it’s best to avoid using any form of “obsessed.” Because the word means to” fill the mind of someone or something continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent” interviewers usually see this term as a red flag. Showcase well-roundedness during your interview.

And whatnot: There are a lot of filler words out there and this phrase is one of them. “And whatnot” doesn’t do anything to demonstrate substance. During a job interview, hiring managers want to see you articulate your words in a meaningful way and this empty word does the opposite. Keep it simple and to the point. Less is sometimes more valuable.

Other filler words to avoid: “um,” “kinda,” “so,” “like”

No: Staying positive is key to a successful interview and “no” is a term that be dangerous. It can come off as a closed off and even rude in some instances.

Whatever: This is a term that shows you don’t care or that you’ve given up. “Whatever” can come off as very rude and immature as well. Avoid this term and stay positive through out your interview.

Hate: This is a harsh term that can throw up red flags and imply negativity. Never use “hate” when explain feelings towards things or people, especially bosses or former colleagues. No one likes a hater.

Curse words: Avoid curse words at all costs, even if the interviewer is speaking casually and tossing out profanity. Stay composed and professional so you don’t risk bombing your interview.

Fired: This word doesn’t automatically ruin your chances of landing the job, but not being able to explain the situation diplomatically can cost you your chance. Focus on how you bettered yourself from the experience and use a term like “let go” instead.

While it’s not likely that one word will nix your chances of landing a job, using a combination of these words can drastically decrease your chance. Keeping thoughts short, to the point, and presenting yourself in a positive way is the best route to take when interviewing. Eliminate these buzz words from your vocabulary to increase your chances of acing an interview.