Your job interview is the culmination of a lot of effort on your part to get to the “starting gate”. There are some simple rules that can make the difference on how that interview goes. Sam Becker of the Cheat Sheet has some observations that may be of help.

Do be confident. You need to be composed, speak well, and give the impression that you can handle the job, even when it becomes incredibly stressful.

Do not be an egomaniac. Striking a balance between an inflated sense of self-importance and confidence is a bit tricky, but if you’re mindful of how you’re coming off, you should be fine.

Do know your strengths and weaknesses. You should know your strengths and weaknesses as this is a common interview question. No one is perfect and interviewers recognize this. They want honesty and they want to see how you handle difficult questions.

Do have a clear and concise and organized cover letter.: Be focused, concise and realistic in your cover letter. Tailor it to the position and be specific. Once size does not fit all.

Do not make simple mistakes:  Bad grammar and poor spelling will doom your application or any position as they are unprofessional and show the reviewer that you do not care enough to review your work.

Do not be dishonest. Interviewers will see through any lies or they will catch up with you eventually, perhaps costing you a job that you have already gotten. It is not worth it.

Do not recycle material. As mentioned, you shouldn’t just be using the same resume for any and every job. They’re all different, and each application will require a little effort and customization.

Do be willing to do work others won’t. Being that guy or gal who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and do the stuff nobody else wants to do.

For further discussion see CheatSheet.

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