Many transitioning and retired military personnel after having served long tours of duty may be considered “to old” for positions with some companies. This is particularly true of companies with a hiring manager that is new to the industry and does not understand what a veteran brings to the table in terms of experience, innovation, dedication and organizational commitment among other things.

A veteran, transitioning veteran or spouse is in a better position to get hired by many companies because of the skills and experience they bring from the military versus a civilian who has been in the same industry or not taken the opportunity to improve his skills.

Your ideal situation is to get the interview and the point out those things that are important to the employer that they may not understand your military experience provides.

As an example, your experience provide a valuable resource to an employer as you have been in “crunch” positions throughout your career and are prepared to handle them in a matter of fact manner without panic.

Your skills and technology education are probably far stronger than those of a civilian as the military has seen to it that your skills are up to date and you have been utilizing them throughout your career.

You must show that you have strengths that are specific to the job for which you are interviewing. Pick one or two skills that are required that are your strengths.

Your skills, critical thinking, multitasking, teamwork, and leadership are attributes that you can point out. Additionally, your professional values, energy, commitment, reliability and integrity are all part of your military background.

You are not too old, you are perfect for the job. Now go get it!

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