While it might be tempting to take a summer break from your job search, summertime can be a great time to land a new job.

Summertime Job Search

Don’t be fooled by the myth that hiring slows during the summer months. Laura Berman Fortgang, a personal life coach, says it’s business as usual for many during the summer months. “It may take a little longer to get internal consensus on a hire because of staggered vacations, but why waste three months when you can move things forward during that time?” suggests Fortgang. Because the summer can offer a slower paced workflow, hiring managers often have more time to be attentive to applications and potential candidates.

There are a lot of job seekers that believe it’s a waste of time to job search from June to August but the job market can be even more competitive starting September because so many have the same mind set. “Many projects hit the ground running in the fall, and employers want new people in place,” Fortgang says. Stay ahead of the game and keep your momentum rising with these job seeker strategies for the summertime job search.

Create a schedule: Long weekends, summer vacations, and days at the beach can all be distracting but if you block out time to focus on the job search, even if it’s an hour a day, you’ll have a better chance of accomplishing your goals. Creating a structured schedule and a to-do list will help with staying focused on the job search during the lazy summer days that everyone loves to enjoy.

Strike while the “grill” is hot: There is undoubtedly less job seekers searching during the summer months, so ramping up your efforts will only open the door for more opportunities. Remember, while summer vacations can drag out the hiring process you can have a better chance of connecting with the right people during summer months. “Be patient and consistent, leave polite messages and continue due diligence,” Fortgang says.

Use some vacation time: For job seekers who are currently employed, the job search can be even more challenging. Take a few days of vacation time to focus on the search. You will feel less distracted and be able to focus more on finding the position you want.

Get out and network: Summer opens a lot of doors for networking events. Block parties, barbecues, festivals, etc can be a great way to spark new conversations and strengthen older connections. Using personal and social gatherings to network and let others know about your job search, can be a great strategy for job seekers.

Volunteer your time: Whether it’s helping a neighbor with home improvements or participating in a charity run, summer brings people outdoors. Getting outdoors and sharing info about your job search can be the perfect way to tap into someone’s network, which can ultimately lead to more connections, and even a new job. Volunteering your time not only helps you stay up-to-date on valuable skills but it is a great way to develop new skills and build new connections.

The summer months can definitely slow down hiring in some industries, but that doesn’t mean it’s a time to take a break from the job search. Instead, keep these strategies in mind while searching for a position this summer. Summertime can be the perfect time to get in front of hiring managers when there are less job seekers applying.