Job searching is tough business. You can literally spend hours searching for jobs upon jobs, but what if you could make the jobs come to you?

With such a saturated job market, job seekers can be overlooked in a sea of candidates, but there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you want recruiters to come “knocking” on your virtual door!


When recruiters come to you, you have a better chance of moving forward in the hiring process because the level of competition drastically decreases. If you’re approached by a recruiter about a specific role, there is a lot more flexibility with negotiations because you’ve made it through the initial stage of getting noticed. Here are a few ways to get noticed so you get recruiters approaching you.

Maximize your online presence: There are so many tools and platforms out there that can help you really boost your online presence. LinkedIn is one of those tools. The professional network is a great way to not only promote yourself as the knowledgeable professional that you are, but this platform is also a valuable tool to help you find work. Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date at all times.

Share your knowledge: Contribute to your industry by sharing powerful insights and ideas. From speaking at conferences to blogging about the latest technologies, determine ways to share knowledge with others. This trick will not only show you’re passionate about your career, but it can also position you as an expert in your career field.

Connect with others: So many forget the powerful tool of knowing people. Build up your network and reach out to the appropriate people in times of need. Being referred by others is a huge accolade and many recruiters take candidates more seriously when a person is recommended by someone they respect. So do yourself a favor, and tell your network you’re looking. Many times, people will be happy to refer someone if they think they’re right for the position.

Get your name out there: Create a professional website so there is another way for recruiters to find you. A Workfolio study found that 56% of hiring managers are more impressed with a candidate who has a personal website. Your website can include a portfolio, samples of your work, contact info, info about you as a professional, and any other relevant info you want to add. It should support your resume and LinkedIn profile. This is a great platform to blog about your ideas too!