Not only is it important to stay up-to-date on skills required for your career but employers are now weighing more on candidates with hybrid skills. These cross functional job skills used to be specific to one department but now with the range of job seekers in the job market, employers are looking for candidates that have more to offer.

Invaluable Job Skills

Business Development Skills: Strategy, sales, and relationship building skills top the list for most important elements of business development. Theses skills go far beyond sales jobs, as there will come a time in every employee’s life where you have to pitch something. That’s where the old acronym WIIFM, “what’s in it for me,” comes in handy. Based on the idea that people need to understand how they will benefit from the proposed idea, you have to be able to show them “what’s in it for me,” before they get onboard with an idea.

Big Data: Understanding and interpreting data is a skill that is becoming increasingly valuable. Compiling and analyzing data into meaningful summaries and/or strategies is found across many fields so being able to understand that data and communicate it well to others is key to success.

Soft Skills: While it sounds like a no brainer, collaborating and team work is key to getting the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. If you’re a people person who loves to work in a team environment then you’re already a desired candidate. Going hand in hand with collaboration, decision-making skills are needed to make valid, credible decisions. Building these skills early on in your career can help you go far in your professional life. Last but not least is mentoring. Highly gratifying, this skill requires patience, self-awareness, and openness to feedback and continually learning new things.  Employees who mentor are seen as natural leaders in the work force.

These invaluable skills are not learned overnight. They are developed over time and require staying on top of trends to continue growth. Seek advice and practice what you’ve learned to stay relevant and in demand in the every changing job market.