LinkedIn is a networking event that allows job seekers and recruiters to interact directly. Nearly 80% of all positions filled by recruiters last year were filled through the use of LinkedIn. If you are not already using LinkedIn or need to sharpen your skills, Jason Monroe has some pointers for you.

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to find literally millions of people in the field you are interested in. Networking with them and the recruiters associated with them and the field can be immensely rewarding and get you that “dream job”.

If you are not already using LinkedIn, go to the LinkedIn website and register for a free account. Once you have done that, you can automatically import your contacts and begin building your network. The LinkedIn page will walk you through the all-important steps of setting up your profile, and entering your personal information.

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to showcase your best attributes, expertise and job skills to attract that recruiter who is looking for you. Showcase your training, certifications, education etc. Recruiters and HR Managers look for these items through keyword searches that bring up profiles and resumes with these particular kind of words in the context.

Now that you are set up properly and ready to go, network, network and network. I cannot emphasize this enough. The more you expand your network, both personally and professionally, the better chance you will have of landing that job and making some pretty cool friends.

LinkedIn can be your most valuable tool in your job search. Do not ignore it.

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