LinkedIn is the place to go to develop your professional profile. It is easy access for internal and external hiring managers to source talent, it’s a great way to network, and it gives recruiters more of an idea of who you are professionally, so manage your profile properly to have the best result.

There are a lot of tips on how to beef up your profile and make it all-star status, but you also need to be aware of things that can hurt your job search. Be aware of these tips and keep in mind when updating your profile.

Define your sub-headline by using descriptive keywords to catch the attention of potential employers. By doing this, more people will have the desire to check out your profile and see what you’re all about. Using your job title doesn’t give much info on who you are, so enhancing it with descriptive keywords will highlight your profile.

Use the summary section on your LinkedIn Profile, the same way you would use it on your resume. Take time to show yourself off to hiring managers. This is where you should summarize skills, experiences and any other important notes that create more value to potential employers. Use it as an opportunity to market yourself, don’t leave this area blank.

First impressions are everything, so don’t ruin it by including others in your profile photo. Use this to showcase your professionalism as a well-groomed individual who is confident about their skills. Studies show that hiring managers are more likely to click on a profile with a professional looking photo, than one that has no photo attached to the profile. No photo can also indicate there is incomplete information on your profile, further discouraging hiring managers to click.

Be selective with your connections. Just because people connect with you, doesn’t mean you have to accept. It’s good to have a big network, but it’s also important to have the appropriate connections. Connect with people in the field or industry you are interested in, this shows recruiters and hiring managers that you are well-connected for a potential job.

Go public. Do not set your LinkedIn Profile to private. This is a professional network where recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates daily, so keep it public to let these people access your information. You might be just the right fit for your dream job.