There is much more to LinkedIn than just a profile and summary. If you use the professional platform to it’s fullest potential you can boost your personal brand and transform your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Tips

In a competitive job market, there are ways to stand out and capture attention from recruiters and hiring mangers to land you your dream job. From choosing a professional photo to connecting with others, there are simple LinkedIn tips to capture the right attention.

There are many social networks out there, and while you should maintain an appropriate photo for all accounts, LinkedIn is the most important. Recruiters rarely look at a profile without a photo, so choose a headshot or high quality photo that demonstrates your professionalism and personality.

Grab people’s attention with a professionally written headline. This is one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers see next to your name and photo, so make it count! Speak to the value you offer.

Your summary is one of the first things people see on your LinkedIn profile. Treat this area as an opportunity to project your elevator speech, writing a brief summary that is enticing and captivating. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point while highlighting your best qualities and skills.

Ramp up your recommendations. Ask former and current colleagues to write a recommendation for you. This adds credibility to you profile and gives hiring managers a reason to want to talk to you.

Connect with others in your field. Don’t just connect with anyone but connect and network with people who have similar jobs, skills, and careers as you. Not only does this give you credibility, it also opens the door for more opportunity.

Highlight your best qualities throughout your profile. Demonstrate achievements, challenges you’ve over come and mention any relevant awards you’ve received. Let the reader know why they need to hire you.

Injecting your personality throughout your profile and updates will bring a human element to your LinkedIn that will get others excited to talk to you. It’s not just about showing your professionalism, but also showing who you are as a person.