While we all can’t have a perfect supervisor, we can employ tactics that will help perfect the relationship that matters most when it comes to our careers.  Managing up isn’t about brown-nosing per se, it is about worker smarter and setting yourself up for success.

If you want less frustration, stress and anxiety in your work life, try following these steps: 

Get to know your boss

  • Find out what he or she is ultimately trying to accomplish.
  • Figure out what his or her preferred communication style is.
  • Identify how he or she sees you helping her achieve set goals.

Meet on a regular basis

  • Set up a calendar invite to either sit down and chat or remind you to send regular updates via email.

Keep your focus with an agenda 

  • Write out your thoughts on a notepad prior to the meeting.
  • Give the highlights of any accomplishments, problems that you have run into and solutions that you think can work.
  • Ask if you are still on track with his or her expectations.

Understand priorities change

  • Stay on top of changing priorities in the office by asking your supervisor what his or her priority for the day is.
  • Remember to circle back around and refocus on the original goals he or she set for you once the new priority is accomplished.

Anticipate and solve problems

  • Listen to your supervisor’s complaints and offer ideas to ease their pain.
  • Identify potential problems in your normal workday and solve them before they occur.
  • Keep your supervisor in the loop so that he or she can redirect a solution is need be.  He or she will appreciate another pair of eyes on the floor.

Freely offer status reports on your projects

  • Keep track of accomplishments throughout the week so that it is easier to point out your progress.

What do you do to “manage up?”