Learning how to maximize your resume viewing potential can be critical to your being moved to the top of the human resources manager’s call back list.  Many resumes have statements that are strikingly similar to others.

 Objective statements often read something like “I want to bring my skills and abilities to a firm where I can apply them to a growing organization where I can expect a long term future. Really? I do not think someone needs to tell me that if they are applying for a job. The same thing holds true with your resume.

You have fifteen seconds to make your case specifically for a human resources manager or they move on. To do this properly, you must be specific with your statements, qualifications and experience. If the reader must dig into the resume to get specific in formation, they will not take that extra time.

For example, “any IT position” or a” project manager” tells the reader nothing about your specific experience or capabilities. What projects have you done? What type of project and for how long? Was it a major project or short term one time project? IT can be anything from a basic computer operator to a high tech Intelligence Analyst with years of experience. Which one do you think the hiring manager will focus on if he is looking for a high tech IT professional?

You must learn to market yourself just like you are advertising a product. Be specific in your thinking about what industry you want to be in, what experience you have and how can you make your experience and skill sets applicable to that position?

Be specific about your skill sets as well as your experience while keeping maintaining a short bulleted resume of no more than two pages. All of your relevant information must be readable immediately.

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