Your brand style makes you memorable to employers. Your brand style reflects in all areas of your career search. Personal branding is the impression you make in other people’s minds through your resume, appearance, contacts and presentation of yourself.

If you do not create your personal brand in all aspects of your career search, you can be sure that those reading about you, meeting you, or talking with you will form their own opinion of who you are, what your aspirations are and what you have to offer their firm. Your personal brand is the impression you place in other people’s minds. That brand should focus on your strengths, your past positive history, what others, clients and coworkers, think of you and what your passions are.

Your personal brand is meant to set you apart from others as to who you are and what differentiates you from them. Others may have the same skill sets or experience, however, you must demonstrate through your personal branding what value you bring to the table that others do not. Why should an employer choose you over those with similar skill sets and experience? Show them with your personal brand.

Think about how you want people to perceive you as potential employers. Develop your dress style and appearance to adapt to the career you are looking for. Mechanics seldom wear suits to an interview, while executives seldom show up to an interview in work boots and with dirty fingernails. Extreme examples, but you get the idea.

Do not be afraid to match your appearance, your passions, and your attitudes to the career you are aspiring to find. Show that you are the person that is head and shoulders above the others through your personal brand.

Your personal branding will serve you well in your resume, your social media and most importantly in face to faced events, networking and even your “elevator speech” 

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