Mistakes Job Seekers Make & Ways To Fix Them

Mistakes Job Seekers Make & Ways To Fix Them

Job seekers are flooding the job market but there are a variety of mistakes job seekers make that could cost you the job.Mistakes Job Seekers Make and How To Fix Them

One of the biggest problems for job seekers currently is the approach to hiring candidates. The job hiring process is long and strung out, with hundreds of candidates applying for the same position. It could take weeks, even months before hearing anything, if you’re lucky enough to get a response. Because there are so many talented candidates, it’s more important than ever to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

If you are a job seeker actively searching for a meaningful position there are some blunders you should be aware of. You don’t want to put all of your time and energy into something just to realize you made these easy job seeker mistakes.

Neglecting your network: Networking is one of the best things you can do as a job seeker but so many neglect to do. Reach out to new people who you find interesting or recruiters at companies you’re interested in and find out just what they’re about. Remember, networking is about relationship building and the idea that you can start a conversation to see where it goes. Take time to listen and welcome feedback that will help you in your job search and career.
Not preparing for your job search: There are so many parts of your life you plan out, so why not plan out your job search? Create a strategic plan that includes daily focus, a dedicated job search space, accountability measures, a timeline, and more. By developing a comprehensive job search strategy, you’re sure to be successful in your search.
Neglecting to research your value: Don’t forget this important job search step. Knowing your worth in the marketplace helps ensure you get paid fairly and helps when it comes to salary negotiation. Take time to research your value in the marketplace so when it’s time to talk money to a potential employer, you’re prepared.

Neglecting to tailor your resume: So many job seekers forget to tailor a resume for a specific job. Sending out a customized resume that speaks to the position you’re applying for is key to standing out from the crowd. It not only shows how your background could be a good fit for the role, but it allows you to use industry specific language to demonstrate knowledge and experience. This will also increase your chances of grabbing the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems.

Neglecting to take control of your job search: Too many times, job seekers let the hiring managers or employers take control. Remember, this is your career and if you want to get somewhere you have to make a conscious effort to show what you want. You’re the only one who can sell yourself effectively so you can land your dream job.

Failing to prepare for interviews: Interviews are a one of the most important pieces to landing a job but many job seekers forget to prepare ahead of time. Be sure you do some interview prep like researching the role, company, and interviewer before hand so you’re ready to shine when it’s interview time.

Failing to create a personal brand: Creating a personal online brand not only gets your name out there, it also opens up more job opportunities, increases your professional contacts, shows your value to the industry, and displays yourself professionally. Use this as a chance to show your strengths, weakness, and everything in between.

Settling for the first job offer: This is something so many job seekers do because they are eager to ‘move forward’ but sometimes accepting the first position isn’t the best option. Remember, this is your career, so don’t accept a position that’s less than what you want.

With so many steps along the way, the job search can be a tricky thing to tackle. If you keep these simple mistakes job seekers make in mind, you’re likely to succeed a lot quicker and land a job you’re really interested in.