You are winding down as you prepare to transition back into the civilian world. You need to prepare in many ways and your career counselor may have given you some guidance, but there are some very important things that they may have missed. Melanie Brassfield of G. I. Jobs identifies five things that you may want to do.

1) Take a career suitability test.

You may be suited for positions that you held in the military in addition to other civilian occupations. Fund out with these tests.

2) Register with a Placement Specialist. Establish a connection long before you are looking for your new career.

3) Start Leverage LinkedIn. Linked in is responsible for nearly 80% of the job placements in today’s marketplace. Make LinkedIn your friend.

4) Meet with a Mentor. LinkedIn offers connections with Mentors through several sources that may help with your transition.

5) Vet your social media accounts. Clean up your old social media accounts as they could hurt your chances. 90% of hiring managers Google people before they bring them in for an interview. Don’t let old social media content haunt you.

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