People often ask me whcich Veterean Charities I personnally suuggest


Freedom Alliance is a military support charitable organization that I recommend.

Freedom Alliance was founded by LtCol Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) and the late LtGen Ed Bronars, USMC. They have a scholarship fund for the children of military personnel who sacrificed life or limb for our country which has awarded more than $10 million in college scholarships to the children of military heroes. They also help thousands of wounded troops and military families with financial assistance, hunting and fishing trips, family retreats, all-terrain wheelchairs, mortgage-free homes and more. 

Freedom Alliance honors the sacrifice and service of those who have given so much defending the freedoms we enjoy every day. The Alliance stresses rehabilitation not just for the wounded service member, but for the whole family. They help those left behind to adjust and gain from the -experience of others who have gone through similar traumas.

The all-terrain wheelchairs are for disabled veterans whose mobility is challenged. The chairs allow the wheelchair-bound to achieve independence and mobility in outdoor settings.

You can see them at or  

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