Every job seeker should have an “elevator pitch”. Simply put, your elevator pitch is a thirty second summation of your experience, skills, and career ambitions. It may sound intimidating, however, you will find that preparing an elevator pitch will refine your ideas on your approach to your job search. It will also show you some areas where you may be trying to hard in your résumé, cover letters or conversation to impress Hiring Managers.

Your goal is not to rehash your resume, rather show your passion for who you are and what you can do for a potential employer. You are trying to show the Hiring Manager or Human Resources individual that you are the one they should hire. Once you have given a concise and well organized elevator pitch, the other person should know everything of importance about you, your portable skills, your experience, personal traits and passions and why the organization should hire you.

The elevator speech should introduce yourself, point out the benefits you can provide to a potential employer and be delivered in a memorable and conversational tone. No one wants to hear a canned, rushed or mechanical speech. You should rehearse your speech over and over again, yet feel comfortable delivering it and even changing it up depending on the situation or organization.

Your elevator speech is not limited to hiring manager and Human Resources people. It is an extremely valuable tool while networking at job fairs, trade shows, conventions etc. Your ultimate goal with your elevator speech is to show the employer what they can expect from you and appeals top what they want from you.

Your ultimate goal is to stand out from the others and be memorable to the point that when the other person gets back to their office, they are still “wowed” by your elevator speech. 

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