The job market is highly competitive so job seekers need more than a solid resume to outshine the competition. With so many candidates holding the same skills and qualifications, there are some traits that make for a successful job seeker.

Qualities Successful Job Seekers Possess

Here are some qualities that give successful job seekers a competitive edge against their counterparts.

Integrity: For long term success, in both life and work, integrity is a must. People who have integrity ultimately show they take accountability for their actions and learn from mistakes. During an interview, it’s ok to talk about past defeat and what was learned from that situation. Employers are looking for someone who they can trust, so highlighting integrity and problem solving skills is key.

Flexibility: With an ever-changing job market, flexibility is a desirable trait many hiring managers look for. Candidates with an open mind to new situations, environments, projects, etc. that are willing to step up to the plate to propel a company forward are the difference between a good employe and a great employee.

Creativity: Creativity is a trait that is desired by many companies because it shows a candidate can create new processes and bring new ideas to the table. Share ideas and highlight experiences where creativity took a front seat to a clever new way of doing things. Employers want creative minds.

Leadership: This is a quality that can be interpreted in different ways. Employers value candidates who take on the leadership role. Being apart of a team is important but someone who can inspire and lead others towards their goals as well as the company’s is a born leader. Go beyond listing “team player” on a resume, instead, highlight experiences where you led a team to victory. Using numbers whenever possible will give substance behind your experiences.

Friendliness: Showing your true personality is best when interviewing. Companies want to see who the candidate is. Someone who can get along with others is something employers desire. When employers or hiring managers like you, you’re more likely to get an offer.

There are other qualities that are desirable traits but if a candidate possesses these traits, there is a better chance of landing a job. Remember to showcase these qualities and talk about experiences. It’s easy to list successful traits on a resume, but supporting them with solid evidence is key to success.