base housing at Incirlik

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) can be a confusing situation and difficult to understand. The Department of Defense has highlighted several frequently asked questions that may make it easier to understand BAH. The article highlights the following questions and provides links to other sites that more fully explain BAH.

  • Who is eligible for BAH?
  • Where can I look up my rates?
  • I looked up the current year BAH amount for my grade and zip code and it is less than I was getting last year. Am I going to lose money?
  • Can I ever lose rate protection?
  • If, in a given year, I lose rate protection, am I protected from decreases in the following year(s)?
  • Does rate protection keep me from getting rate increases?
  • If I get promoted, do I get the “protected” BAH amount for my new pay grade?
  • Will I see big changes in housing allowances on January 1st?
  • I have some out of pocket expenses!
  • The BAH for my pay grade does not begin to cover my mortgage payment!
  • What housing costs are used to set BAH rates?
  • Does family size make a difference?
  • What is a BAH differential?
  • I am divorced with children, what is my BAH allowance?

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