A Security Clearance is a status for individuals that allows them access to classified information or restricted areas.  The individuals must go through a very thorough background check before the Security Clearance can be granted. Individuals should not be granted Security Clearances merely because of their rank or station. They must be vetted through the background check process to insure that their access is required and secure. The Facility Security Officer will insure this process. He will also be the one to inform you that you are facing a Security Clearance suspension or revocation and what steps you can take to maintain it.

Your Security Clearance can be suspended or revoked at anytime. It is important that you understand the value of a current Security Clearance to a potential employer and how to maintain your Security Clearance status.

There are many reasons why a Security Clearance can be revoked. A criminal offense, for example, can trigger an incident report. You must report your offense to your Facility Security Officer who will notify the agency that granted the Security Clearance.

You may have the opportunity to respond to a suspension or revocation of your Security Clearance and should certainly do so in a timely and forthright manner.

Security Clearances are granted to individuals whose character and honesty are of the highest standards and you should make every effort to maintain those standards.



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