You want to make the best possible impression at your job interview. You finally get the all-important interview. You have dressed properly and shown up on time. You are doing well and feeling good about your interview progress. While asking questions during the interview is important to clarify important points, you must be careful to avoid certain areas.

Don Goodman of Careerealism, highlights seven questions that you should not ask during the interview.

  • What’s your maternity/paternity leave policy? You are possibly getting a position. Do you want the interviewer to think you are already planning extended time off?
  • What are the work hours? Do not come off as a clock watcher.
  • Can you tell me more about the company? You should have done your research beforehand and become knowledgeable about the firm.
  • How often do promotions come around? Promotions are earned, not handed out.
  • Does the company monitor employees’ computer and internet usage? You do want to appear that you will be using personal email on company time.
  • What’s the salary and benefits for this job? Do not let the employer think that you are only there for the money.
  • Asking what’s already been answered. Listen carefully and do not go over ground that has already been covered.

Asking relevant questions during the interview is fine, be very careful not to ask what can be negative sounding questions.

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