The career search process is difficult in many ways. There are several things that may make the difference in whether or not you get that all important call-back from the recruiter or not. This holds true with people who are currently employed as well as many who are seeking a new position. What can you do to get those calls?

1) You are invisible online. You must make sure that you are not only using LinkedIn and other social media, but that your profile, headlines and media presence highlight your skills and experience.

2) You are inactive online. Recruiters look for people who network and make connections. Insure that your contact information is readily available.

3) Your role doesn’t correspond to obvious keywords. Concentrate on keywords for your industry/job search when writing your resume and LinkedIn profile.

4) If you are currently employed, your current employer is not branded or readily available in an online search.

5) You are not in the public domain. Aside from social media, attend trade shows, participate in industry events, blogs etc.

6) You do  not come recommended. You need to make connections through social media and your networking with fellow employees and industry colleagues that can recommend you.

7) You didn’t respond. Make sure your contact information is current and you review how you get your messages delivered.

For further discussion see Caroline Cenzia-Levine’s article  at Forbes.

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