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Human Resources Managers read hundreds of resumes every day in their search for the “right” candidate. If you want to be that candidate, there are ways to pump up your resume so you will be considered for the position that you want.

1) Avoid using a template. There are hundreds of free templates available. Do not take the easy route and use one just like the dozens of other job seekers who may be looking at the job.

2) Do not be Predictable. Avoid New Time Roman font as it is the default font for Word.

3) Use SMART/CAR/STAR stories. Describe a challenge you faced, the action you took to resolve it, and the result you got.

4) Emphasize your personal brand. Write about your personal brand strengths throughout your resume.

5) Target your resume to the job description.

6) Know your resume grammar. Resumes are written in the first person, omitting pronouns. PROOFREAD!

7) Put your best first. Front load each bullet point with powerful success.

Employers want to know what sets you above the other candidates that they have in front of them. Pump up your resume and make them hire you.

Kristin Johnson expands on these pointers in her article at Careerealism.

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