A Human Resource Manager normally spends 10-15 seconds looking at a resume. This  makes it imperative that you make sure you avoid simple writing mistakes that may impact their view of your work. Michelle Dumas of the Forbes Coaches Council suggests that there are six common mistakes that you should be aware of.

  1. Selfish Objectives – Understanding your own objective is an important aspect of your resume. Where things go wrong is when you include an “objective” statement on your resume that is less about the employer and what you can do for them and more about you and what you want.
  2. Being Broad And General – Keeping your resume broad and general can seem appealing. Many clients request that we create a “general” resume — as if shying away from the specifics will stop them from being pigeonholed into a particular role. Not true be specific.
  3. Being Generic – Generic resumes focus on position responsibilities and the “baseline” qualifications that most everyone in your profession brings to the workplace.  Written in this generic manner, your resume will not differentiate you from your competitors and won’t help get you the interview.
  4. Too Much Detail – When describing the scope of your job or giving your previous job descriptions, it’s critical that you place more focus on the accomplishments and achievements.
  5. This Isn’t All About You –  If what you are writing doesn’t pertain to your current career goals or it isn’t relevant to the position you’re applying for, then it shouldn’t be included.
  6. Don’t Be A Cookie Cutter – Using a template for resume writing is a big no-no. It is too impersonal.

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