Purpose: The purpose of a job interview is for you and an employer to ...

The job search and interview process is long and oftentimes tedious. When searching for your new career, there are some questions that you should consider as you are looking for that position and, more importantly, if you get the job offer, you should consider them.

It is tempting to take the job no matter what, but perhaps reviewing each position you apply for could save time and the possibility of winding up back in the search.

1) Review the job description and the day-to day responsibilities. Is that what you want to do and will you be happy doing?

2) How do you feel about the person who will be your boss and the people who will be your coworkers?

3) Do you believe the job will hold your interest and present challenges to help you grow?

4) Do the travel logistics and benefits work for you and your family?

5) Does it work with the career path you want to head in?

6) Will you be proud to call them your employer?

These are questions that you must consider and treat honestly.

For a better understanding of these questions, see Don Goodman’s article at Careerealism.

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