LinkedIn Profile Power

Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the most powerful tools you have in your career search toolbox. Recruiters use LinkedIn and look at the profiles of potential candidates. If your profile is boring and empty, they will move on. Make it powerful and alive so that the recruiter or hiring manager sees, someone they like. Your LinkedIn profile is one of your most important networking tools.

Marsha Warner of Careerealism has six ways to power up your profile.

1) Add a photo. Surveys show that recruiters are more apt to read a profile with a professional photo.

2) Maximize your headline. You can have up to one hundred characters. Make them powerful.

3) Personalize your summary. Write your summary in the first person to make it personal.

4) Add something Pro/Personal. Add something that highlights both your professionalism and your personal achievements.

5) Use keywords. Keywords are search terms that recruiters use to find the ideal candidate.

6) Show your work. Show your presentations, articles etc., by uploading a link or a file.

Charge your profile with these pointers and it will enhance your chances of being hired.

See Marsha’s article for more pointers at Careerealsim.

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