Only 4% of recruiters do not use social media to find and hire candidates. 87% utilize LinkedIn. Learning what recruiters do and what they are looking for can make a huge difference in your search for a new career. Barbra Adams has some insights that may be of value.

If you’re like the rest of us, here are a few items to check to make sure your LinkedIn profile stays on the recruiter radar screen:

  • All Star Profile – a 100% complete profile includes location, detailed work history, clear job titles, and job descriptions.
  • Keywords – Choose keywords that represent your capabilities, experience, and your goals. Include and repeat the keywords in headlines, the Summary Section, and in your detailed job descriptions to assure that LI Recruiter will index your profile accurately.
  • Use a specific headline – Mechanical Design Engineer Robotics is certainly better than Automation Guru.
  • Contact Information – If you’re open to direct contact, include all of your information in the contact info. Also, make sure to add “open to career opportunities” language and contact preferences in the Additional Info section (see above).
  • Include some examples – LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to upload files, presentations, video, and website links in several areas of your profile. Go cautiously. Adding a video resume isn’t always a great idea, but a portfolio or samples of work can provide evidence of your experience and capabilities.

If you’re considering the next step in your career, it’s probably a good time to take a close look at your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

For more details see Barbra’s article at LinkedIn

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